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Hello and welcome to A New Greenitude. This term Greenitude does not exist in any current dictionary so donít bother looking it up; I invented it. The term is used to describe an attitude toward Environmental Consciousness and Awareness. This website is in fact My Greenitude, a completely bias perspective backed by research I read in my Environmental Literature Graduate Course at George Mason University. This project is my attempt to share with members of my species how important it is to change our attitudes regarding our condition of life on Earth.



The Story

This Website is structured as a Narrative in chronological order. For the true effect, it is suggested that you scroll through the menu from top to bottom. In spirit of establishing and passing on to future generations the narratives that examine life, this is my narrative. Taking a historical approach to understand how we became the humans we are today, and how we may become better ones in the future.


Mission statement

It is now time for the world to unite and declare a global intention to Just Stop. It isnít about whose fault it is or who did it first. It just needs to stop. We as a human species are approximately 6.4 billion homo sapiens, originating in our modern complex language speaking, upright dwelling, agriculturally aware form from 65, 000 years ago, having evolved and migrated from 2000 common ancestors in Africa. We need to realize and recognize that we are all the same. Above religion, race, or nationality, we are human beings. And we exist as human beings in this world, the world that is planet Earth. A world that is just as alive as we are, and just as affected by us as we are by it.

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