Where They Settled and How They Looked

2,000 Strong

Evolutionary advantage intact, Modern Human Beings began their move out of Africa 60,000 years ago. Some of the original 2,000 stayed and moved further south into the continent, and some moved North. Everyone alive today descended from this small band of travelers.


The further North they moved over several thousand years, these particular groups began to evolve in other ways. Where darker skin was an advantage closer to the equator where the Sunís rays are strongest, the further North they moved, the darker their skin, the quicker they died from Vitamin D insufficiencies, not enough of the sunís rays were able to penetrate the pigmented skin resulting in a disease called Rickets. Women who suffered from the disease as children suffered from a narrowing of the hips which led to death during childbirth. Those with lighter skin lived, and passed on those lighter skin traits to their children, mating and breeding with other lighter skinned individuals. This continued through hundreds of generations.


Some Human Beings moved out of Africa to the North East. Biologists suggest that the hooded eyes of Asians helped to protect their eyes from the glare of the sun reflected from Siberian snowfields.


For those who stayed in Africa; the small Pygmies are perhaps so tiny for the biological reason that they have less body mass to cool in the oppressive and sweltering heat of the rain forests in equatorial Africa. In other parts of Africa and for aboriginal Australians thick frizzy hair and broad noses are suggested to be beneficial in dealing with the heat and strong sun.


It also needs to be considered that all these changes in the appearance of the Modern Human over the course of thousands of years also results from a force that is especially strong in humans, and that is our cultural preferences for particular appearances. People choose their mates for many reasons, but one very powerful reason is based on physical appearance.


Certain traits in appearance may be found desirable when choosing a mate and thus that trait is passed through generations within specific cultures in specific regions, so that overtime that culture is defined by a generally similar looking group of people. However, there is also the situation of merging cultures, blending culturally defined features to create new ones. Plus modern technology and cultural adaptation have made it possible for people to live all over the world no matter what they look like. (Steve Olson, "Individuals and Groups")


These differences in appearances rooted in our speciesí origin have lead to the assumption that these different looking people must be biologically different, however, every race and every person in the world is a descendant of the first 2,000 modern human beings who developed the capacity for complex language and began their move out of Africa.

We are all related, genetically interconnected.
Race is what we see,
culture is where we come from,
connection is our truth.

Cultures are still merging,
People are still moving,
Is it possible that humans may one day form one global race?


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