How It All Began

Modern Human Beings: Miraculous Mutation

There exists a fact, a known truth in the world, and that is that the Earth existed before the emergence of Homo Sapiens. Now whether human beings choose to acknowledge this fact and accommodate this Truth into their perception of reality is up to them, for alas one of the unique attributes of this most complex of all species is its ability to choose. Free Will, as philosophers call it, is something that instinct driven animals lack, along with one random fluke in evolutionary mutations that determined the course of the Modern Human Being, and consequentially, the course of the known world.

The human Larynx is responsible for the survival of our species. 65,000 years ago, a small group of hominids living in North Central Africa evolved the capacity to acquire and use fully complex language systems.

The Larynx is flat and its function is to keep food particles away from the lungs, the repositioning of the Larynx through random mutation in genetic sequencing allowed for the development of primitive phonemes, the beginning of language, and the beginning of the Modern Human Being.

The Larynx
The Larynx

This mutation also allowed for easier choking, so make sure you chew, and don't talk with your mouth full. Evolutionary advantages are not without a sense of irony.

The Hemlich
The Heimlich

The evolutionary advantage of this random, miraculously beneficial mutation allowed for that particular mutation in genetic sequencing to be passed to the next generation. Language as a survival tool allowed these first Modern Human Beings To:

-Arrange hunts and attacks
-Communicate knowledge
-Externalize ideas as artifacts
-Invent new narratives

Since the mutation only occurred in this small group in this particular region, it took several thousand years for these Early Modern Human Beings to travel out of Africa and into other parts of the world.

Evolution of Man
Evolution of Man

Our ancestors evolved the capacity to construct their realities in a linguistically based symbolic universe. This made is possible to externalize ideas as artifacts, to survive in an enormous variety of non-species specific environments, and to invent new narratives that could coordinate collective human activities in increasingly larger and more complex social systems. (Robert Nadeau, "The Evolutionary Endgame")

However, if modern humans are unable to recognize that this very gift that unifies us could help save us from destroying our habitable environment, the most complex system of intelligence on earth will be washed away; merely footprints in the sand.


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