How They Lost Sight/The New Vision of Reality

A Systems Point of View: The Interaction of Non-Linear systems

There is a world we’ll call the ancient world that existed without humans. The human species is a relatively recent development in the history of Earth. Let us not take for granted the planet which sustains us, for as it has transformed itself in the past, it will do so again, the earth will live on, IT is not under our control.

life dynamic

However, we affect the systems of Earth which balanced themselves to a state of equilibrium to sustain conditions which allowed for the evolution of our species. It should then become essential to learn about these interconnecting systems within Earth’s Biosphere where our species dwells, to learn and appreciate, and stop taking for granted the preciousness of our very existence in the Universe. If we can co-operate, co-exist, and help maintain the equilibrium that sustains us, then we can continue to exist as a species.

Aquatic Feedback System

This lack of knowledge in the sense of this emerging perspective is not anything that governments or religions, or humans of any cultural background should be ashamed of, the science is just now evolving towards this systems analysis of the planet and all life contained within its depths.

By systems here I want to be clear that the distinction is not misplaced on mechanical, systems rely on one another, they interact, co-depend, react when other systems change, they must in order to maintain equilibrium. The previous classical mechanization view of the world and life within it depicts the world as a number of parts that all fit together and work to create the reality that we know, that if one part breaks it is only a matter of time before it is fixed and up and running again, the whole is only the sum of its parts. This perspective was engineered by the classical paradigm and the Newtonian Physics mode of scientific thinking.

But the earth is not a machine, it is a living organism, it is a system of life containing within it thousands of others systems, and once those systems begin to change, for one cause or another, every other system will react and change. All systems of life are interconnected, dependent upon the ultimate system of life, the living organism that contains everything, The Earth.

Example: The Amazon

-Global Warming increases incidents of El Ninos which in return affect rainfall.
-The water that falls is recycled- it is a delicate system that has achieved equilibrium.

-The botany of the Amazon has grown adapted to this cycle:
*The stomata of the plants open up to take in rain and carbon dioxide.
*If there is any change in rainfall the stomata will not open up, thus leaving more carbon dioxide in the air, which is already a problem because the Amazon forest has already been vastly depleted.

Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Deforestation which could lead to a tipping point in Earth's delicate balance of Systems, the over abundance of Carbon Dioxide vs. Loss of Vegetation that helps maintain a habitable equilibrium.

An American City; separated from nature, yet so connected. The paradoxical dynamic of existence as a Human in the Modern World: Those cars, that gas, the cement, the pollution, and the rush to pave life for a future that may not have a healthy world in which to thrive.

*It should be said here in this section aimed specifically at developing a new mode of thought that Science itself does not hold the answer, nor does Religion. But there are aspects of both perspectives that when brought together can form a narrative that more closely reflects the truth of our current reality. We live within a world with provable scientific facts: yes. But there is something more to existence than our own biology, we are connected to something that is greater than us, and our species has known this since we became aware of ourselves. I will not say an entity, for in all actuality, I have no idea what this precious gift of existence is actually linked to accept that it is a source of Good, of life, of love, and of beauty.

Science and Religion
Science vs. Religion; the battle persists, but the truth is still out there.

These truths should trump the economic incentives that rule our species, how in good conscious can part of our species live in luxury of wealth while the other part is eaten through with corruption, poverty, and disease, left out of the loop of connective human spirit as though their existence is less worthy. This is not the way. This is not Good. They don’t have to Believe in what the wealthy nations believe, they just have to agree that above all, the survival of our species is worth the sacrifice of luxury for widening the circle of compassion to include every member of our species. A global effort is the only effort that will make a difference.

The Image of Wealth

The Image of Poverty

Unity as a Species; Transcending all boundaries, recognizing the preciousness of life and handing it to future generations.


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